29 November 2006

2007 Wedding Brochure

To all you newly engaged brides out there, here is out new 2007 Wedding Brochure (hot off the presses). If you would like an actual printed copy, please call our home office at 715-772-4599 or email me at DBoyce@BriteIdeaPhotography.com

Outside Cover :

Inside Cover :

New Business Cards

For those of you who are regulars to our Blog and website, you noticed about a month ago our new branding. We are going away from the old Google inspired logo and and printed material with a newer, more modern, black and yellow logo. We are working hard at getting everything to match and promote a unified image.

Now, we are please to introduce our new business cards.

The Front :

The Back.

Please comment on your thoughts about our new design.

Now with the Blog and Business Cards done, off to wrap up the new website.

28 November 2006

The Artistes : Part Duex

I now have a picture of both myself and my beautiful bride Amanda. At your upcoming wedding, we will be the ones shooting your grand event.

Enjoy !

Construction is beginning

Yippie !!!

After a ton of delays, we are finaling getting close on building our new studio. We are renovating an old grainery on the farmstead that was the orginal building here over 100 years ago. From the records we've been able to find and research, this building was built in 1901 and they lived in it for 2 years while our home was being built.

We still have some hurdles before full scale building begin, but at least we are able to start cleaning things up to get the project going.

NOTE : All pictures are courtesy Josiah Boyce (age 5)

Holiday Cutoff Dates & Shipping Rates

With the holidays quickly approaching, everyone is asking, "What's the last day I can order so I get my prints by Christmas for gifts?" So I thought I'd add our dates and rates for all of you to help you plan accordingly. Happy Ordering !

Shipping Rates & Policies

Including Important Holiday Shipping Dates

Shipping costs for orders from Pictage.com depend upon the processing and shipping option you choose.

STANDARD: Orders require 2-4 weeks production and ship via ground carrier

Total Web Order Cost ($)
United States
$0 - $24.99
$ 05.95
$ 08.95
$ 21.95
$ 25 - $ 49.99
$ 07.95
$ 10.95
$ 23.95
$ 50 - $ 199.99
$ 10.95
$ 13.95
$ 28.95
$ 200 - $ 499.99
$ 17.95
$ 18.95
$ 34.95
$ 500+
$ 24.95
$ 25.95
$ 44.95

PRIORITY: Orders will receive expedited processing and will ship via priority mail (expected arrival within 5 days)

  • Priority shipping fee is an additional $4.95 above Standard Shipping fee
  • $ 1.95 per individual final print
  • $ 1.95 per photo greeting card order

Shipping Cut-Off Dates - to Guarantee shipping by December 25th

Standard Shipping
Priority Shipping

Final Prints & Photo Greeting Cards



Fine Art Cards


Coffee Table Books


DVD Collage


26 November 2006

Our new Proof Magazines are Awesome !

We recently switched our printed proofs over to Pictage's proof magazines. These are great ! We order the 10x13 size with 6 wallet size images on a page. Once our clients see these, 4x6(s) in a box just won't cut it !

Take a Look !

New License Plates are cool

I've always wanted vanity license plates and now we got them !

23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Greetings Blog readers.

Today is Thanksgiving here in the US. It was a great day. We had a high of 55 degrees (normal is like 40), we slept in, and then went over to my wife's greater family for lunch.

Here is a little collage of today.

The New Sign

We are in the process of designing a nice roadside sign for our country studio. In our area, we need to have this approved by the county in order to get a building permit. So, for the meantime, we designed these Coroplast Signs.

18 November 2006

One happy Hunter

Earlier today, my father in-law, hunter extrodenaire, shot a grand buck. Photo credit Cheryl Ullom.
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10 November 2006

Do Not Call Policy

Brite Idea Photography uses the telephone as one important way to stay in contact with our customers and our potential customers in the community. Because a good relationship with the community is a necessary ingredient of our success, and in keeping with state and federal laws, it is the policy of this studio that we will not make sales-related telephone calls to any person who has indicated a desire not to receive such calls. This includes those who have registered with state or federal "Do Not Call lists," as well as those who have previously told us directly that they do not wish to receive such calls.

Welcome to a Winter Wonderland

Olde Man Winter came over last night to pay our home us visit.

08 November 2006

The Artiste...

My Brother-in-law Ryan working at the Farm

The other day we were over at the main farm, Squires Farm, do a surprise photo shoot for Earl who is turning 80 soon. While there, I roamed the farm and snapped a few photos.

Here is my construction working, deer hunting, canoeing expert, SINGLE, brother in law.

My Sister with her Volvo at the Farm

My Sister Wins a VOVLO !!!

So I am relaxing around the ther day when my sister calls and tells me she won a Volvo. Like all older brothers, "Yeah Right !! And someone just gave me the winning Powerball ticket too." Well, fact is, She did win.

Here are some pictures as it happened :

Family Fun Portrait

While finishing for our 2007 Hobby Farm Cookbook photo shoot, we HAD to do a Doug Classic, funny pose.

Enjoy !

Boyce Family Portrait 2006

2006 Elmwood UFO Days Bike Race Winners

Here are the winners of the 2006 Elmwood UFo Days Bike Race (1st Annual). Stupid me, I lost there names since this was in July. If you know there names, please comment below and I'll update the entry.

Sorry guys but great race !

Jason & Tiffani

We recently did some engagement pictures with a couple we just love. They are so much like us it's funny :) If you need any Mac work done, call Jason !

Jason & Tiffani will be gettinig married next May in beautiful Clear Lake, Wi

Happy Engagement !

2006 Cady Meet & Greet

Okay, this is a little late. Earlier this summer, our neighborhood had a great time over at the Miller farm planned by our friends Jeff & Nona Bock. Here is a picture of our hosts. (More picture coming later.

THANKS JEFF ! We had a blast.

How to pose for Dignified Studio Portraits

I recently caught my bride posing for a fun picture. Paul Gero, eat your heart out !

(FYI - Amanda is taking a Wedding Photography Class with Paul and as she says, "I'm Lovin' It!")

CHARITY SPOTLIGHT : Operation Christmas Child

WELCOME Jayden Isaiah Boyce

The Stats :

DATE - 01.16.2006
TIME - 11:24 AM
WEIGHT - 6 lbs. 5 oz.
LENGTH - 19.5"

Cookin' with the Boys

There are many times a week were the "Men" of the Boyce Household cook. Today, our Specialty, "CCC" aka. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Laugh A Little

Here is a little Comedy Skit for all you ISV needing a little laugh.

COMPANY REVIEW : AlienBees.com

What a FANTASTIC company to work with. Friendly customer support, same day shipping, and wonderful communication throughout the entire process. Would HIGHLY recommend this company.

If you need portable lights, then check out the team and www.AlienBees.com

Alternate Contact Info :

Buff Inc Paul C
2725 Bransford Ave
Nashville, TN
(615) 383-3982

2006 Holiday Order Cut Off Dates

Withe the Christmas Holiday season quickly approaching, we've been getting a lot of calls and inquiries about how late you can order pictures, albums, and custom print and still get them in time for Christmas Day.

Well, here is your answer. Enjoy !

2007 Wedding Promotion

To celebrate our new blog, we are going to be offering a $100 Print Credit for each wedding that is booked between today and Dec 31, 2006. The wedding can be anytime in 2007 or 2008 but it must be scheduled and deposit paid by Dec 31.

Promo Code : NewBlog

Enjoy and we'll see you on the other side of the lens.....

New Blog Home

Greetings Photo World !

I've decided to switch my blog over to Blogger. With more images to use and better integration with Picasa, I've decide to switch over.

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be launching a new website at www.BriteIdeaPhotography.com. We've been so busy over the summer that web development was "greatly" slowed. We have the new design done, content is done, new 2007 brochures just about wrapped up and it's all coming together nicely.