29 September 2007


We have an exciting announcement coming Monday about the Studio.

Can't wait to tell you.

21 September 2007

2006 Tour De France

As many of you know, I'm an avid biker and Tour De France Lover. Amidst all of the legal actions over the past few months surrounding Floyd Landis, this picture sums it up.

Picture credit to Patrick O'Grady

18 September 2007

Why do we blog ?

I just wanted to take a second and remind people why this blog is here. While I do use it as a marketing tool for our photography business, and I do my best to try to inspire and educate others, this blog is first and foremost about me, my family and our life, and the experiences we share.

It's like a journal that I just happen to make public for anyone and everyone to see. I love that I can go back and see a detailed recap my life, the places I've been, the images I've taken, the good times with friends and family

Thanks stopping by!

17 September 2007

GRAND OPENING : Wedding Style

Here is a copy of the Poster we will be placing around River Falls and UW-RF Campus as well for our upcoming Grand Opening.


Here is a copy of the poster you will see around River Falls and Spring Valley for our new Studio Opening.

The New Awning

Here is a rendering of the new awning. It will be installed just in time for our Oct 5 Grand Opening.

14 September 2007

Hiring Support Staff with GREAT Personality

Hiring Personality- Family Owned Children/Family Portrait Studio.

Seriously- personality means more to us than any experience you may already have. We are looking for two outstanding, outgoing individuals that will make our clients feel at home with their kind manner and infectious smile. Someone that truly loves children and infants is an absolute must. If you don’t like babies, please do not apply.

We are expanding our residential studio to a newly expanded retail space in the historic, downtown area of River Falls, WI. A person that will treat our clients as if they were dear friends and not merely as "clients" is a must. It' a great working environment, lots of energy and you get to learn all sorts of cool things.

This position is great for anyone looking to work a less then 40 hours a week... mostly mornings and early afternoons. Now, because we are working with a lot of children photography and High Sochool Seniors, we NEED outgoing, friendly personalities, shy folks should not consider this. I need someone who is reliable and can be at the studio when we need them.

Your duties will involve answering phone, taking orders, scheduling appointments, portrait preparation and packaging, and assisting in the camera room helping to make our clients happy and delighted, and light computer work. Don't worry, we'll train you every step along the way. Eventually, you'll learn many other processes including some photo editing. The studio hours are regular business hours Mon-Fri. We work no evenings or weekends as weekends are dedicated to our wedding clients. Your work hours would be Tuesday thru Friday, generally from 10:00 am till about 4:00 pm.

Interested? Here's what to do: Respond to this ad by writing me at DBoyce@BriteIdeaPhotography.com with a few paragraphs on why you'd be my perfect choice for this position. One line responses and emails with simply a resume attached will be unread and deleted. I truly want to know about YOU- not the various other jobs you've held. That doesn't matter to me. I hire personality and then train the task. Tasks can be taught, and learned- personality cannot. Tell me about you."