08 August 2008

F(8) - 1 HINT #5

I was a Math major in College at the U of Mn with an emphasis on numeric patterns.

Regardless of what ANYONE tells you, Math Team IS cool !

F(8) - 1 HINT #4

F(8) - 1 HINT #3

Keeping with a Math theme here are 2 numbers in the equation.



So far, everyone is stumped. I'm winning !!!!

07 August 2008

F(8) - 1 HINT #2

8603 Ft. and the Olympics start TOMORROW !!!!

F(8) - 1 HINT #1

I'm Italian. Any takers or are you still stumped.

06 August 2008

F(8) - 1

Today's quick blog post is a CHALLENGE.... Friday begins the 2008 Beijing Olympics and sadly I will not be there. So, what does the title mean and how does it relate to Friday's Opening Ceremonies ?

Please comment below. We'll see who gets it. Come back on Friday where I'll give hints if nobody has figured it out yet.