27 January 2007

2007 Menomonie Bridal Fair - Tomorrow !

Since the NFL playoffs are over and the Super Bowl is still a week away, if you are looking to plan your wedding, plan on stopping by the Vision Quest Entertainment Center in Menomonie tomorrow (Sunday)

We will be there unveiling our new 2007 booth design. Rather than the usual table and frilly lace table skit, we decided create a living room vignette. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Stop in and say hello and let us know what you think of the new booth.

See you there !

24 January 2007

Fun with DavidJay

Amanda & I had a wonderful time in San Antonio with the really cool, world famous, wedding photographer David Jay

The first thing I noticed, "Man ! that guy is a lot taller than he looks!"

(Photography courtesy RemK Photography - Thanks Brian !)

21 January 2007

Our First Direct Mail Campaign

After an inspiring week in Texas, we are ready to hit the road running with all of the great new ideas we have to help all our clients with their photography needs.

One of the first things we do need to do is let everyone that we are here in the area. So, over the next few weeks, we are going to be mailing out some "New to the Area" postcard to select neighborhoods. Since the bulk of our work is children and family (and weddings) we wanted to target specific areas around us that we know have a bunch of families to let them know we are here when they need fine art photography.

I'll be posting our ads and mailers here on the blog so stop back and check them out. Although these mailings are going to specific neighborhoods, anyone who reads my blog is entitled to the same great rates and coupons.

I always want my loyal blog reads to have access to EVERY promotion we do.

So keep checking over the coming weeks with our new promotions.

God Bless and Good Night

- D3

17 January 2007

I'm trapped....

I am trapped. We were planning on leaving San Antonio yesterday when we were hit with the "ARTIC BLAST"

There are 23,000 people here without power and people are sleeping in their cars because they can't find hotels. The airports have been closed and all the flights got cancelled. Bummer.... My good friend Brian Woolum made it out on the last flight

The schools are closed - all the restaurants are closed, the roads and airport are closed.

I hope to make it home later today but it doesn't look promising.

14 January 2007

An Amazing Teacher

For the past 3 days, Amanda & I have had the privilege of studying under the Master Photographer Steve Kozak. Steve is an amazing and gracious teacher. Never have we been so inspired, so motivated, and encouraged as we have after being with Steve.

On top of the amazing time we had at class, each night, Steve spent his personal time with us and a few other select, intimately sharing with us life passion, his life, and his love.

Thanks Steve for an amazing 3 days !!!!

(image courtesy SteveKozak.com)

- D3

10 January 2007

Jayden posing for the Camera

Why aren't we living here ?

San Antonio is a beautiful town. We had a nice, romantic walk down the Riverwalk and could see all of the wonderful architecture and it's 64 degrees out right now (and it's cold to them !)

Tomorrow after our session, we'll post some pictures from around town.

At Home in San Antonio

We arrived right on time today in San Antonio, TX. When we left Minneapolis, it was 19 degrees out. When we arrived here is was (as we are told) a "cool" 64 degrees. After a light dinner at our hotel (which is complimentary) we took a nice walk down the RiverWalk.

Here are some pictures from our super cool Homewood Suites Hotel.

The Living Room

The Kitchen (as seen from the Living Room)

Living Room (as seen from the hallway)

The Hallway


09 January 2007

Preparing to leave

Tomorrow morning we fly out to San Antonio, TX for the PPA's ImagingUSA. We'll be updating you each day on our adventures.

For all you photographers out there reading this, please comment if you are coming or not. I'd love to hook up and meet each one.

Already on the agenda :

Your thoughts ....

Lately, we've been getting a lot more traffic to the site. So, I'm offering my first online critique. Please add comments here about the new website.

  • Do you like, if so why ?
  • What's your first impressions ?
  • What don't you like ?
  • What should be added ?
  • Should anything be taken away.

Please help me make our new site a cool as possible.

- D3

Houston... We are Go For Launch Status !!

After months of delays and design revisions, the new website has been launched !!

Check it out at www.BriteIdeaPhotography.com

We had a couple of glitches with all of th new AJAX cool stuff I did only to find out our hosting company doesn't support AJAX. So, I disabled all of that cool stuff and looking for either a workaround or a new hosting company.

Hopefully, I'll have a solution for this in the next day or two.

Great New Music - Jon Shirley

As I was reading my Blogs this morning, DJ keyed me into a great Christian Artist, Jon Shirley. I went over and was blown away by the awesome vocals.

When you get a chance, go over to his website and listen or find him in iTunes and download his albums!