28 May 2009


This is a dear lady that we've had the honor of photographing twice now and this is one of her portraits planned for her children. I was so excited to be able to do this portrait session with her!

20 May 2009

Relocating the Studio

Despite the huge sign in our front window (put there without our approval) stating our building is FOR SALE OR LEASE, we will not be moving the studio until our current lease expires at the end of September 2009. The large sign is apparently a miscommunication with the realtor and should be changed to a small "discreet sign" in the side window that we agreed to with our landlord earlier to give him time to find someone for it when we were done.

After September 15th we will only be taking on location sessions until we complete our indoor studio at Shady Elm Farm.

Thanks to all - sorry for any confusion the sign may have caused!

17 May 2009

TESTIMONY : Jackson Rohde

"My first experience with Brite Idea was with Doug when I was chosen to be a senior model for the class of 2009. His enthusiasm was contagious! I had two photo shoots with Amanda, one in the spring, and the other in the fall. She took some amazing photos, in the studio and outdoors. My parents had a tough time deciding with ones to choose, there were so many great ones! The pictures arrived as scheduled. We especially liked the large canvas piece and the collage of my sports pictures. We gave several as gifts to relatives, and everyone loved them. I think the best experience with Brite Idea was when my mom met with Amanda to lay out my invitations to my graduation open house. She got to them right away, and put together a few different layouts for us to look at. She listened to our thoughts, and came up with one that was exactly what we were picturing in our heads. We received them in less than a week after we ordered them. They are amazing! One of our friends told my mom that it was worth framing! Overall, I would highly recommend Brite Idea for senior portraits. My sister, who is currently in 8th grade, said she wants her senior pictures taken there also, and she's pretty opinionated!"

- Jackson Rohde

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"We moved into River Falls our daughters senior year and needed a photographer for her senior pictures. We tired out luck with Brite Idea and what a BRIGHT idea it was. Out of all the pictures they took I think we did not like 2. Amanda captured our daughter beautifully. It was fun having so many perfect options. Thank you!"

- Kim Mazur

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TESTIMONY : Monica Timm

"Going to Brite Idea was the best thing I ever did. They are so wonderful. They will go to any spot or any place you want to go and have your picture taken. They will help you out in any way they can. The pictures always turn out great! And if you have kids like I do and they don't like to sit very well they will get the picture you want fast. They are fast shooters and the picture always turns out very nice no matter if your kids was sitting still or not they will get it taken fast. I will always go to Brite Idea to get our pictures taken!!!! They are the best!!"

- Monica Timm

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TESTIMONY : Dana Sharon

"I was lucky enough to have Brite Idea Photography take my maternity pictures when I was eight months along. They are fun to look at now that my daughter is 15 months old. We also had our daughter Lillian's baby pictures taken with Amanda! Amanda was able to take great shots that captured Lillian's personality perfectly! You can tell that Doug and Amanda both love what they do and that they really care about their customers! Thanks again."

- Dana Sharon

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TESTIMONY : Ginger Hemauer

"I have LOVED every experience I have had with you. I love the natural photos that have captured my girls as themselves--kids that want to have fun. Thank you!"

- Ginger Hemauer

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TESTIMONY : Mark Mastalir

"A really nice feature of the Brite Idea Photography site is that it offers lots of nice settings with in a few feet of each other and very private, so you can concentrate on the moment for the best photo."

- Mark Mastalir

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TESTIMONY : Kirstin Joseph

"I really enjoyed the experience, Doug and Amanda are very nice people, and I absolutely LOVED the way my pictures turned out! I would do it again in a heart-beat!!"

- Kirstin Joseph

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TESTIMONY : Pastor Rick & Debbie Mannon

"Doug and Amanda were just terrific!! They made our photography shoot very relaxing, and fun. We had a very large group, working with all ages, and they were so professional, and worked great with the kids!! It was so hard to choose from all the pictures they took."

- Debbie Mannon

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TESTIMONY : Steve & Kathy Metcalf

"We had a wonderfully positive experience with both Doug and Amanda! They assisted us with everything from wardrobe selection to selecting the best portraits for our home. The whole process with Brite Idea was seamless and simple."

- Steve & Kathy Metcalf

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TESTIMONY : Jon Hinzman

"Great people to work with and excellent photographers! These people are great to work with, as well as true professionals! You will be absolutely pleased with the results!"

- Jon Hinzman

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TESTIMONY : Isaac Grover

"As a fellow member of the River Falls Chamber of Commerce, I felt confident in Doug and Amanda's ability to make sure their customers were treated fairly. After our appointment for both our family pictures and my daughter's one-year pictures was scheduled, I was pleasantly surprised to receive fashion tips and color suggestions well beforehand to ensure our pictures turned out well. During the photo session, my daughter was well engaged and just had fun as the grownups went about their business. When the photos came in for pickup, Doug made sure that what I ordered was what I received, and that I was pleased with the final product. In conclusion, I am happy to say that my initial confidence in their abilities to take care of their customers was both met and exceeded. I will recommend Brite Idea Photography at every available opportunity."

- Isaac Grover, Owner

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08 May 2009

Kilkarney Hills Partnership

Wow ! What an amazing Golf Corse ! If you haven't been to Kilkarney lately, you HAVE to get there.

For the 2009 Golf Season, we are partnering up with Kilkarney to help promote the staying local. The coolest thing is their 2009 Golf Course Guide. This little guide has tons of tips on how to play the course better as well as a slew of local info. And for only $2, it's AWESOME !

We are sponsoring hole #14 so check it out and give a ring to let us know what you think about it.

Here is our ad :

Let's Connect

Just a quick reminder, we love to connect with each and everyone of our valued customers.

So, if you are on either Facebook or twitter, click below and let's connect !

Also, take a moment to visit our new designed homepage on our main website and tell us what you think !

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May is Customer Appreciation Month

As always, May is one of our busiest months as we start shooting next year Seniors and have our annual Customer Appreciation Month. To kick off the savings, all Family Sessions will be only $39. When was the last time you had a nice family portrait ? If you are like most, it's probably been about 3 - 5 years (or more) and your family has changed since then. Stop putting it off and call the studio at 715.425.9899 today and take advantage of this great offer or click here and book online.

To add a little whip cream on top of that, we are bringing back our infamous "Buy 1 Print @ Regular Price, Get the 2nd @ 50% OFF" for the entire month. So, come in, get your family session, and then SAVE SAVE SAVE on all your portraits. Why not get ahead this year and order your Christmas Cards early since they are on sale as well? Also, we are extending this offer to all those who had session in 2008.

Stop in or Call and we'll review your favorites and help you get in on this great deal. May wouldn't be complete without a tribute to Mothers. This year, why not treat mom to a piece of artwork she can wear to show off her family. Click here for all the details.

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Ask Amanda

This month's question comes from Katie and she asks, "It’s been a long time since I was in a professional photo studio. Any suggestions on what I should wear ?”

"The two biggest areas we help our customers with is that of clothing and hair. Here are some things to consider when selecting your clothes. First of all, white or pastel colors are perfect for lighter backgrounds while middle tones or deeper solid colors are ideal for formal portraits. However, if your session is going to be on location or outdoors, then casual outfits in earth tones work best. It's best to avoid large prints or patterns as that distract from your beautiful face and it's always better to choose long-sleeved shirts or sweaters rather than short-sleeved. When dealing hair, plan to wear your hair in a style you’re comfortable with and avoid new cuts or styles for at least 3 days prior to your session. Our friends at Lori's Day Spa would be more than happy to help you with a new look or style to help get you ready for your portrait session."

If you have found this information helpful, this, plus many other resources are available on our website in the "Studio Tips" Section

Now, if you have a question about our studio, or a general photography question, please submit your questions to AskAmanda@BriteIdeaPhotography.com. And for being this month's question, Katie will receive one of our Portrait Experience Gift packages which includes a free session and a free 8x10. Thanks Katie !

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What is Brite Idea LIVE

Over the past year, we have been secretly working on a new video project. The result of this experimenting is going to be a weekly 5 - 10 minute Internet TV Show about what's happening at the studio and a photography tutorial for those wanting tips to better their photography skills. How cool is that ? Plus, you will be able to find us in iTunes.

So, check out Brite Idea LIVE and tell us what you think.

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Spring is finally here !

Spring is finally here after the the long, cold winter and a lot has happened here at Brite Idea Photography. First of all, I want to thank those of you who participated in the 2009 America's Cutest Kid Contest. Although we did not win, going into the last day of voting, we had 3 of the top 10 with our highest placed contestant in 4th place and so that was exciting to see how the final voting was going to turn out. Secondly, we want to wish all of our Class of 2009 a great graduation and good luck in future and for those of you in the Class of 2010, we are now bookingSenior Portrait Sessions so check out our Senior Extravaganza below.

2009 Pet Contest

On Sunday, June 14, we will be hosting the St. Croix Animal 2010 Pet Charity Contest. The winners of the contest will be featured in the 2010 Calendar to come out this fall.

The sessions are only 15 minutes and all varieties of pets will be allowed. There is a $25 Session fee, which includes a 5x7 with the proceeds going to St. Croix Animal Friends.

Our posters are all around at all the area vets, pet clinics and pet supply stores. In fact, if you find on that doesn't have our poster, please let us know and we;ll get one in right away to help the Charity.

About 50% of the sessions are already booked so call our studio today at 715.425.9899 and setup your pet and maybe you'll see them in the calendar.

05 May 2009

% for $5 on 5/5 (Cinco De Mayo)

In celebration of Cinco De Mayo, we will give the first 5 (aka Cinco) Juniors that call our studio today will receive their Senior Portrait Session for only $5.

Five Bucks can’t even get you a meal at McDonalds, but it will get you your Senior Session TODAY. How cool is that? We will be offsite shooting today and will get back into the studio at 4:00 PM so call and leave a message or use the Contact Us Form and we’ll post the winners later today.

Deadline is 5 PM

Call 715.425.9899 and leave a message with your Name, Phone, Date of Session you would like.


Fill out our Online Contact Us form

04 May 2009

NEW WEBSITE : www.BriteIdeaSeniors.com

We have a new website out for all things relating to HS Seniors so check it out ! We are looking for Senior Models, Spring Sale for Class of 2010 Sessions, new Video and more !